System Requirements

DataFax is a client-server data management system consisting of:

  • a server where patient data is stored for all studies hosted on the server
  • internet applications used to connect to the server for study setup, data entry, system administration, etc.

DataFax can be configured for a variety of computing environments from a single computer, acting as both client and server, to a network with multiple servers and clients.

Server Components

Server Components

Our server software runs on the following platforms:

  • Solaris 10/11 (SPARC or Intel) available from Oracle and Dell
  • Linux: Novell openSUSE up to 13.2 (and Leap 42.1) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux up to 7.2

and requires the following infrastructure:

  • - TCP/IP networking
  • - PostScript compatible printer for printing
  • - Backup system for archival and retrieval of study data
  • - Desktop publishing package for CRF creation

Client Tools

Client Tools

Users communicate with a DataFax server using the following internet applications, which are available for: Windows 7/8/10, OS X v10.8+, Linux and Solaris:

  • iDataFax — for data entry and management
  • DFsend — for transmitting PDFs to a DataFax server
  • DFsetup — for setting up new studies
  • DFsystem — for system administration
  • DFATK — the Acceptance Test Kit for software validation

Fax Services

If you plan to collect CRFs or other patient documents by fax and fax queries back to the study sites, the server will require fax services. DataFax supports 2 fax solutions. Faxes can be sent and received using:

  • the Protus internet fax service available from MyFax or
  • your own fax modem pool on the DataFax server. To set up your own modem pool you will need a serial port for each incoming/outgoing fax line. Since most servers come with only one or two serial ports, an additional serial port multiplexer may be needed to support additional fax lines.

As an alternative to faxing, CRFs can be collected by scanning them to PDF files and transmitting the PDFs to the study server using DFsend.

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