DF System

  • DFsystem: manage studies, study roles & users

    DFsystem is a simple internet app for study and system administrators.

    Manage studies

    • register a new study database on the DataFax server
    • monitor usage - see which users and apps are being used in each study
    • take specified studies offline or restrict access to study administrators

    Manage user permissions

    • define study roles with specified permissions
    • control access to studies and to sites, patients, visits and data screens within each study
    • set permission to view, enter, and modify data, queries and reasons
    • grant permission to run specified study reports
    • grant permission to import and export data
    • specify which features can be used in each of the other DataFax internet apps

    Manage users

    • specify password aging, reuse, complexity and notification rules
    • control which studies a user can access
    • and specify a study role or roles for each of these studies
    • easily change user status to inactive or active for each study

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