DF Setup

An entire study setup including: data screens, database schema, patient visit map, study sites, lookup tables, edit checks, conditional assessments, etc. can often be completed in only a few days, making rapid deployment of new studies the norm rather than the exception.

  • Easy to Learn

    DFsetup: creation of a data screen
    • Simple point and click user interface
    • Bulit-in user guide covers all steps and features with clear explanations and screen shots
    • Collaborate by granting permission for different components to different members of the study team

    Easy to Use

    • To create data screens just import a PDF containing blank case report forms (CRFs)
    • Point & click to add data entry fields where they belong on the imported CRFs (see blue widgets)
    • Specify field properties for each data entry field
    • Use simple dialogs to specify: study sites, visit map, visit conditions, etc.


    • Create styles to define field templates for data fields with similar properties
    • Cut and Paste field definitions across data screens
    • Import study setup components from a setup library or another study


    • All studies support all data collection methods: EDC, Fax, PDF, Import - no extra setup required
    • Add multi-language support for any study by importing blank CRFs in different languages
    • Modify, add, delete, reorder data fields at any time, even after study start
    • Create a linked test database to make and test setup changes 
    • After testing publish changes to the production database (no down time)

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