DF Send

  • DFsend: transmit PDFs to a DataFax study server

    DFsend is a simple internet application used to send PDFs (containing scanned data forms and other documents) to the study coordinating center for central review and processing. It includes authentication, encryption, confirmation and tracking needed to meet today's security and regulatory requirements, and provides a cost-effective alternative to faxing.

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1 - authentication

    • login by entering your username and password

    Step 2 - document selection

    • drag and drop one or more PDFs onto the DFsend application
    • or click the Add button to use the standard file selection dialog

    Step 3 - transmit

    • click the Transmit button to send the selected PDFs to the study server
    • all internet communications use TLS protocol with at least 128 bit encryption

    Step 4 - confirmation

    • watch the progress bar as each PDF is transmitted
    • on completion DFsend displays the transmission status of each PDF file

    Step 5 - study server

    • if the PDF contains study CRFs they are read by ICR software to create a new data record
    • central data management staff review each PDF received and any ICR results
    • PDF pages are linked to data records and saved to the study database

    Step 6 - tracking

    • each PDF transmission is logged by: username, date, time and transmission status
    • this info is readily available when viewing pages in the iDataFax electronic patient binders
    • and past transmissions can be reviewed in the DFsend application

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