• FDA requirements for research studies submitted for regulatory review include the need to validate the software used to collect and manage patient data. The DataFax Acceptance Test Kit (ATK) was designed to assist in your validation process by allowing you to demonstrate that core features of the DataFax system perform as expected using the server and internet apps used to conduct your research studies.

    DFATK: Acceptance Test Kit Control Panel

    The DataFax ATK includes:

    • a test study designed to illustrate core features of the DataFax system
    • a workbook that can be used to document performance of the ATK test steps
    • 14 modules covering: study and user administration, study setup, EDC and Fax data capture, double data entry, data reviews, query management, data exports, creating SAS data sets, exporting data, exporting images to PDF files, etc.
    • a control panel for guiding you through the tests in each module
    • a report of actual vs expected results at the end of each module

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