Here's a list of our high performance internet apps for: electronic data capture, electronic document capture, study setup, system administration and system validation; everything you need to manage clinical research studies in today's demanding regulatory environment.

  • iDataFax

    Collect and manage study data and documents.

    iDataFax is our flagship EDC+ app. Highly configurable, it provides a common tool for study sites, data managers, site monitors and other members of the study management team.

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  • Internet app used to collect CRFs and other documents in a clinical trial

    DF Send

    Secure transmission of PDF documents to a study server.

    This simple app has just one purpose; secure drag & drop transmission of PDF documents to the study server.

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  • DF Setup

    A simple point & click internet app anyone can learn to use.

    An entire study setup including: data screens, database schema, patient visit map, study sites, lookup tables, edit checks, conditional assessments, etc. can often be completed in only a few days, making rapid deployment of new studies the norm rather than the exception.

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  • DF System

    An internet app for study and system administrators.

    Manage studies, roles and users with this simple internet app.

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  • DF ATK

    Perform and document DataFax system validation.

    The FDA expects clinical research studies submitted for regulatory review and approval to meet rigorous standards, including validation of the software used to collect and manage patient data. The DataFax acceptance test kit was designed to serve as a valuable component of your validation process.

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  • System Requirements

    DataFax can be configured for a variety of computing environments from a single computer, acting as both client and server, to a network with multiple servers and clients.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us here.

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