With our training services and comprehensive documentation we’ll have you up and running in record time. Study and data management doesn’t need to be difficult, or hard to learn. We strive to make it easy.

  • Web-Based Training

    Our web-based courses are provided by a live instructor over the Internet and can be customized to meet your particular needs. In addition to introductory overviews of each Internet application, we provide more detailed courses focusing on system administration, study setup and edit check programming.

    Onsite Training

    Onsite training has dropped in popularity with the rise of Internet training, but we continue to offer it for those who prefer to engage with a trainer in a hands-on classroom setting.

    User Group Training

    • Study Setup – a step by step overview
    • Edit Checks for Beginners – a review of the edit check scripting language
    • Generic Edit Checks – a guide to reusable edit checks
    • DataFax Administration – a guide to self hosting a DataFax server

    Video Library

    In addition to user guides and other documentation, the client support section of our web site includes several videos describing iDataFax features for EDC, Fax processing, MedDRA coding and Site Monitoring, as well as some features in DFsetup and DFsystem. These videos were created with the release of DataFax 4.0 and are available under 'Client Login'.

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