Tech Support

We are committed to providing the help you need, when you need it. Whether you use our DF Cloud hosting service or host your own DataFax server, our experienced staff will ensure that you get the help you need.

  • Software Installation

    Server Software

    Research groups that host DataFax in their own data center can typically download, install and test the DataFax server software in less than a day. Our installation guide includes all of the necessary information and our experienced support staff are ready to assist by: answering questions, logging in to provide direct assistance, or coming onsite for face-to-face guidance and training.

    Internet Apps

    Our internet applications: iDataFax, DFsend, DFsetup, DFsystem and DFATK are packaged in a standard Windows or Mac installer and are thus easy to download and install – each app taking less than a minute and requiring no configuration, except for the possible one-time entry of proxy server settings for organizations that use a proxy server between their users and the internet.

  • Getting Help

    • User Guides - a user guide is available from the Help menu of each internet app: iDataFax, DFsend, etc.
    • Documentation - use 'Client Login' to access our extensive documentation set over the web
    • Email - we respond to email requests on business days, usually within four hours, often less
    • Phone - you can reach us by phone on business days from 9-5 ET at 1-905-522-3282

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If you have any questions about our software or services please contact us by phone or click the Contact Us button to send a message.

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