Choose our DF Cloud hosting service or take total control and host your studies in your own data center.

  • DF Cloud

    Use DataFax software as a service, hosted on a server in our state of the art data center.

    DataFax can be used as a software service, allowing researchers to focus on their research projects without needing to expend effort and resources setting up and managing the computer system used to collect data from the study sites.

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  • Self Hosted

    Use the DataFax software package installed on a server in your own data center.

    Software as a service and per study pricing isn’t for everyone, that’s why we provide the option of installing DataFax on your own servers and running as many studies as you want for a single annual fee – a very cost effective solution for large research groups.

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  • Tech Support

    Access our software support services for solutions you can count on.

    Whether you use our DF Cloud hosting service or our technology transfer option to host your own DataFax server, our experienced staff will ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it.

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  • Training

    With our efficient training services and comprehensive documentation we’ll have you up and running in record time. Data management doesn’t need to be difficult or hard to learn. We strive to make it easy

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  • Study Setup

    While DFsetup is very easy to use, and the built-in user guide describes all you need to know, our knowledgable staff are available to answer your questions or pitch in and help with anything from a complete study setup to configuring a specific component.

  • Consulting

    The DataFax software system includes all the tools needed to setup and run almost any research project, but if you have unusual requirements or just need help with a workflow process or custom programming we are ready to help.