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  • We are committed to developing and supporting software solutions for clinical research that are easy to learn and use for all phases in the life of a research project; from initial study setup to final database lock, and all steps in between.

    Since first release in 1991 DataFax has grown from a fax based system to a hybrid system that supports both electronic data capture and paper based approaches to data collection, and our solutions for paper forms have evolved to support secure transmission of scanned CRFs over the internet, in addition to faxing.

    Unlike most EDC systems, DataFax supports the secure collection, storage and review of paper forms as well as data, allowing: CRFs, study work sheets, and other paper based information to be included in the study database and linked to data records, as supporting documentation or as the source for data entry

    Our primary focus as software developers is to provide researchers with tools that are flexible enough to be used for any clinical research project without the need for custom programming, and intuitive enough to be used by anyone regardless of their background or training.

    Our clients span the globe and are engaged in all types of research from patient registries to randomized clinical trials. An active user group meets annually to share experiences, demonstrate innovative solutions, and recommend future directions for software development.

    With over 20 years of experience, we excel at providing sensible solutions and technology that gets the job done, and at providing our clients with the support they need to reach their research goals.

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