DF/Net Research Inc is a software company with a long track record of providing innovative data management solutions for clinical research. Constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs, our software solutions have been adopted by researchers worldwide.

  • About Us

    We are committed to developing and supporting software solutions for clinical research that are easy to learn and use for all phases in the life of a research project, from initial study setup to final database lock, and all steps in between.

    Since first release in 1991 DataFax has grown from a fax based system to a hybrid system that supports both electronic data capture and paper based approaches to data collection, and our solutions for paper forms have evolved to support secure transmission of scanned CRFs over the internet, in addition to faxing.

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  • Latest News

    New Release 2016.0.2

    Patch release 2016.0.2 is now available for download. This release contains fixes and enhancements identified by the DFUG community. The release is available in two downloads: client-side iDataFax download (for Windows and OS X) and server-side download (for iDataFax, DFbatch, DFexport and DFpdfpkg). For more information, visit the software downloads page.

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