DF Navigator – secure web based EDC

  • Posted June 10, 2012
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Sitting near the top of the user group wish list at DFUG 2012 was the wish for 'a web interface for iDataFax EDC'. Today we are pleased to be able to grant that wish by launching the beta version of DF Navigator - a new web service for iDataFax users.

Here's how it works

  • DF Navigator is an application server hosted by CDSI that runs iDataFax in a web browser window
  • users connect to DF Navigator using a URL provided by CDSI
  • DF Navigator displays the standard iDataFax login dialog
  • users can then login to any DataFax 4.2 server that has been registered with CDSI
  • the demo study server (idemo42) is available now
  • we would also be happy to register your own DataFax 4.2 servers
  • DF Navigator provides the same look and feel as the iDataFax internet app
  • it provides the same 128 bit SSL encryption for secure transmissions over the internet
  • it applies the same user permissions defined in each user's study role
  • no patient data is stored on the CDSI application server

Unlike an installed version of iDataFax:

  • study servers must be registered with CDSI for the DF Navigator web service
  • only DataFax 4.2+ servers can be registered
  • DF Navigator works with all modern browsers including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9.
  • local printing is not supported, but we have added an email option for users with print permissions
  • there is no access to the file system on the user's PC, so import and export of PDF and data files are only available to users running an installed version of the iDataFax internet app.
  • performance is excellent, only a little slower than the installed version

So, you now have options

Download and install iDataFax on your PC, Mac or Linux desktop for maximum performance and added functionality, or run it from a web browser by connecting to DF Navigator for maximum convenience.

This is a beta release and is available free of charge to all of our current clients - for now we are just looking for user feedback and suggestions on how to make it better. We hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you think.

DataFax administrators can contact us today to register their DataFax 4.2 servers and receive the DF Navigator URL. Users who would like to use this service should contact their DataFax administrator or study coordinator.


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