DFsend for PDFs

  • Posted November 22, 2011
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We are pleased to announce the release of a new Internet application named DFsend. This is a simple tool for sending PDFs containing scanned CRFs and other documents to a study server. It includes:

  • Authentication - by login & password, just like iDataFax
  • Encryption - PDFs are transmitted over the Internet using 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Immediate Confirmation - senders see whether each transmission was successful
  • Transmission Log - to remind users of what they have already sent and what failed
  • Tracking - in iDataFax Page-Context shows who sent each page and when
  • Regulatory Compliance - unlike emailing PDF and TIFF attachments
  • Simplicity - scan, drag and drop - nothing complicated


DFsend can be used to send PDFs to any DataFax 4.2 server.
It's available now for Windows PCs, Macs and LINUX.

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