iDataFax Chinese Interface

  • Posted September 19, 2011
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iDataFax is now available in Simplified Chinese.

When a PC’s ‘Region & Language Format’ is set to ‘Chinese (Simplified, PRC)’ iDataFax displays all text in titles, menus, dialogs and buttons in Simplified Chinese. This, plus the ability to use any language in DFsetup for help messages, visit names, etc., allows iDataFax to be used for EDC at sites that are fluent in Chinese. The Chinese interface is illustrated below.


当个人电脑的 “地区及语言格式” 设置为 “中文(简体,中国)”,iDataFax的所有标题,菜单,对话框和按钮都显示简体中文。加之DFsetup工具多种语言输入帮助信息,访问名称等的能力,可方便中文用户使用iDataFax采集电子数据。中文界面如下所示。

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