• The Tools You Need

    The Tools
    You Need

    The right tools make all the difference. Our intuitive internet apps provide the data management software clinical researchers need to set up and manage clinical trials, surveys, patient registries, post-marketing surveillance studies, etc.

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  • The Support You Expect

    The Services You Want

    Whether you need a hosting service for a single study, or want to host multiple studies in your own data center, our internet apps provide the same ability to collect and manage patient data and documents using any combination of EDC, Fax and PDFs.

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  • The Features You Want

    The Features You Expect

    Programmed edit checks are valuable but they cannot detect all typos or failure to enter an optional data field. Most EDC systems ignore this issue. We solve it by allowing you to capture and compare data entry with source documents.

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  • Mission Statement

    Our goal is to provide researchers with software and support services that are innovative, smart, reliable and affordable, to provide options for data collection that fit the needs of different users, and to make our software available both as a service investigators can simply use, and as a package researchers can install on their own servers for total control over their data management systems.

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